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What Do They Do in Class?

The girls classes will focus evenly on the vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor events. Each level consists of specific skills to master before a gymnast can move up a level. The gym is equipped with many training equipment, including a trampoline.

The boys classes will focus on the floor, pommel, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar events. Like the girls classes, each level consists of specific skills they must master before they can move up a level.

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What Are the Goals of the Classes?

General goals of the classes include physical, mental, and emotional improvements. Pertaining to gymnastics in particular, it is the goal of the classes to increase the flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination of the gymnast. However, with these improvements comes a beneficial improvement in confidence and self esteem. And lastly, it is our goal to improve our gymnasts' focus and discipline which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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What are Class Sizes?

Class sizes never exceed eight (8).

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How Old Do They Need to Be to Enroll?

Our coed preschool classes range from three (3) to four (4) years old and our academy classes are for ages five (5) and up.

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What if I'm Late for a Class?

After the first fifteen (15) minutes, you must reschedule for safety reasons.

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What if I Miss a Class?

A make-up class must be scheduled within four (4) weeks. If you miss a makeup, there is no rescheduling allowed for that makeup or original class you missed.

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Holidays and Tuition

Monthly tuition is based on four (4) classes per month. It is accepted that some months will naturally have five (5) classes and others, three (3). There are no tuition changes in either situation and there are no make-ups due to holidays as well.

South Coast will be closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • one week for Spring Break
  • two weeks for Christmans

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What if I Drop My Kids off Early and Pick Them Up Late?

We are NOT responsible for kids before or after their scheduled classes so please be sure to be on time for pick up and drop off.

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What Happens When I Transfer From Another Team?

Different gyms have different curriculums and it is sometimes difficult to tell which level a transfer student should be placed in here. It is recommended that a short private appointment be arranged with a coach to better determine their placement here.  Another method of determining placement could be to try the free trial (available to new students) and have the coach there watch them.

If the transfer student was previously on another gym's competitive team, a short evaluation must be arranged with a coach. *Interest in transferring gyms is best expressed in person.*

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What Level Should My Child Start in?

If your child has not had any prior gymnastics experience or limited experience, then level 1 (one) is your best bet. If you have doubts that your child should start at level 1, then you may arrange a short private evaluation with a coach, but it is strongly recommended that you come in for a free trial (available to new students) and have the coach evaluate them there.

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What are the Mini Olympics?

Go to our Mini Olympics page under Activities for more information.

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What if my child has previous experience with gymnastics?

If your child already has prior experience with gymnastics training at other facilities, please contact us through email, phone, or at the front desk to schedule an evaluation. Evaluations are only necessary for students at level 3 and above. Note: each gym has differing levels and standards.  For students at beginner levels, we offer a free trial class to help determine the level that fits your student. Team members need to schedule an evaluation.

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what should students wear to class?

For girls, a leotard or other activewear is acceptable (i.e. tights instead of jeans). Boys can wear whatever type of activewear as well, such as PE shorts and a t-shirt. If hair is long, it should be tied up into a ponytail or bun. Do not wear jewelry to class. Avoid items with buttons or zippers, as they may snag on the equipment. No socks or shoes necessary. If the student wears glasses, make sure the glasses are fastened to your head, as he or she will be flipping and jumping around in class.