A profile of young gymnasts rising

Jessica, Jadyn and Lauren

Jadyn Wakita and Jessica Lin (Age 9) have been with South Coast Gymnastics right from the start.  The two girls both enrolled with the South Coast Hotshots group and in the second year, Lauren Hsieh joined the group.  All three girls made steady progress, moving up a level every year while balancing a busy school life and family.

Last season (2012 - 2013) at the very first event of the season, Lady Luck, Jadyn broke her arm in multiple places and was lost for the season.  In the summer of the same season, Jessica suffered a minor fracture of her elbow and was set back on training for a couple of months.

With uncertainty going into the 2013 - 2014 season competing in the first year as optionals (level 6), the girls knocked it out of the ball part at Lady Luck, Jadyn finishing 1st, Jessica finishing 2nd and Lauren finishing 3rd. At the San Diego Classic meet, the order for the girls were reversed. Despite only have 3 girls on the level 6 team, they finished either 1st or 2nd in the team competition through out the year, beating out much larger teams.

The culmination of their hard work was at the 2014 State Championships; Jadyn and Jessica finished as co-champions.

Great job to these young gymnasts and we look forward to their future!

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