About South Coast Gymnastics

South Coast Gymnastics opened in 1997 and is committed to providing the finest gymnastics training facility to boys and girls of all ages and abilities in order to develop positive attitudes and values.                           

The goal of the club is to continue to produce National Team Members both male and female, for the U.S. Junior Olympic program.  The following is a list of the gym's past achievements and winning statistics over the years.

We also very proud of our students who have since graduated from high school.  Some have gone on to other things, but some have extended their gymnastics careers into the collegiate level.  Here is a list of our previous Honors Club members.

Li Xiaoping and Jia Wen, owners and head coaches for South Coast Gymnastics, back home in Beijing -- to help thier native land host the 2008 Summer Olympics. For more information on the coaches, click here.

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