SCMGA Central Conference Championships Final Schedule

Listed below is the final schedule for the 2016 SCMGA Central Conference Championships along with the detailed information. 


February 27, 2016


South Coast Gymnastics
17850 Sky Park Circle
Irvine, CA 92614

Final Schedule

Session 1 (level 4)
Open warm up 7:45 am
Timed warm up 8:15 am
March in 9:15 am
Awards 10:30am

Session 2 (level 5)
Open warm up 10:45 am
Timed warm up 11:05 am
 March in 12:05 pm
Awards 1:45 pm

Session 3 (levels 6-10)
Open warm up 2:15 pm
Timed warm up 2:45 pm
March in 3:45 pm
Awards 6:30 pm

* Updated 2/23/2016

Spectator Fees

$8 for adults (16+ years old)
$5 for children (5-15 years old)
Free for children under 5 years old


There is parking available in front of the gym and in the business parking lot to the right of the gym (if looking at the gym from the street).

Entry Fees

$55 per gymnast (all-around)
$12 per event for specialists
$50 per team


Friday, January 29, 2016

Please submit your rosters on the SCMGA website and mail a printed copy of the roster with payment by the deadline. Rosters and payment must be postmarked by the deadline date.


2015 Summer Mini Olympics Information

This year, the Annual Summer Mini Olympics will be on Saturday, June 20, 2015. Participating gymnasts will show what they've learned in class in a competition format that is fun and supportive! It is a great photo opportunity and gives each gymnast a special time to shine! Afterwards, all participating gymnasts will be awarded a medal.

For more information, ask the front desk or visit the Mini Olympics page. The deadline to sign up is Saturday, June 13, 2015. Ask the front desk for the registration form.

2014 - 2015 Competition Schedule is now available on the events page.

The 2014 - 2015 competition schedule for the boys and girls team have been released and are available on the events page.  As the details for each meet becomes available, they will be updated accordingly for each individual event.

For a packing list for competition for the boys and girls, check out our resource page.

Good luck to all the kids in the upcoming season!!

South Coast's Annual Team Banquet 2014

Every year the entire competitive team from South Coast comes together for a banquet.  It is a time of food, fun, and reflection on the previous competition season.  Competitive gymnastics is a demanding activity, and it is good to take a little time once in a while to appreciate how much hard work goes into it by the gymnasts, coaches, and families.  This year we enjoyed the pleasure of fellowship at the pristine Coto de Caza Country Club nestled in the Saddleback Mountains of South County. 

Gymnasts of the Year

Gymnasts of the Year

At the banquet we like to recognize a few gymnasts from each program who shined a little brighter in various ways during the season.  The award for Gymnast of the Year goes to the kids who excelled at competitions.  These young men and women turned their hard work and determination into high scores and brought home medals for their achievements.  Here are this year's Gymnasts of the Year:

Club of the Year

Club of the Year









Club of the Year is for those kids who have great attitudes.  These kids finished their season with great results, and are always smiling, always working hard, and always encouraging their teammates.  These kids are fun for coaches and other kids to work with, they bring an uplifting quality to the team. 

Most Improved

Most Improved
















The most improved award is self-explanatory, it is given to those who have shown the greatest improvement during the last season.  Sometimes we give this award to those who have overcome a setback and worked against the odds.  Sometimes we give this award to those who have shown a great improvement in attitude or work ethic.  Sometimes we give this award simply because of numbers to those who have increased their scores the most from the beginning of the season to the end.  Either way we are honored to present this award to deserving team members.  








I don't know if you who are reading this know much about pommel horse, I assume some do and some don't.  At any rate one thing that can be sure about pommels is that it is difficult.  It is very hard to stay on the thing, and it is so easy to fall off.  Sure it looks easy when the Olympics are on tv but trust me, it is not as easy as it looks.  At Souith Coast we have a prestigious club, a 100 circle club.  Membership to this club is given when a young man can stay on the mushroom for 100+ circles.  This year we added four proud members to the 100 circle club, and respect the efforts that went into completing this difficult challenge.

100 Circle Club

100 Circle Club

200 Circle Club

200 Circle Club

As if 100 circles wasn't hard enough, we had a determined young man this year break the 200 circle mark.  Congrats Sean!









South Coast has the best coaches.  They are easy to work with, easy to get along with, and always available to share the knowledge they have gained over the years.  Each and every one has a passion for gymnastics that shows through their tireless work.  The coaches had their own table at the banquet and it was a great way to reflect on the previous year.

South Coast Team Coaches

South Coast Team Coaches

The banquet was a ton of fun and definitely a success.  Special thanks go out to those that worked behind the scenes and at the banquet to make this team even successful: 

Ashley and Jeff Naemura for awards preparing and helping with the raffle tickets

The Chu family for the lovely centerpieces, announcing, and brilliant slideshow.  Even the restless young boys had their eyes glued to the screen, excited to see themselves and their friends depicted on the screen.  The slideshow is absolutely one of the highlights of the banquet. 

The Sarep family for the DJ and music.  Khin's talent and love of music were made abundantly clear as he sang though the vast majority of the event.  I look forward to hearing more in the future!

The Lin family for help with the launch of the new website.  Looking good!

Also thanks to the group moms for putting all the beautiful raffle baskets together: Suzanne Vallely, Arleen Hasegawa, Bridget Halsey, Celeste Wakita, Mary Abad, Alejandra Alvarez, Robin Cacciatore, Suzy Brackenridge, Dinah Chu, and Grandma Chu.


It was a fun banquet.  I look forward to being a part of many more!


Men's Junior Olympic National Championships

Gymnastics is a sport of skill, determination, and the desire to be on top. Every year gymnasts around the country expand their abilities and sharpen their skills with the hope of making it to the big leagues. For those in the Men's Junior Olympic program, the big leagues happened a couple weeks ago.



Long Beach California was the site of this year's JO National Championship, an annual competition that puts the best of the best against each other to see who are America's top young gymnasts. Young men from 11 to 18 years of age must qualify to participate in this 5 day test of skill, strength, and resolve, and this year about 750 made it to this national competition. This program is usually the way gymnasts are chosen for the US National Team to represent the country in international competition.


This year South Coast sent two of our own to Nationals and are proud of what they have accomplished. Casey Cummings, a middle-schooler from Tustin, competed as a level 8 in the 12 year old division of this year's national championship. He finished 4th on the Floor Exercise and 21st All Around, which are excellent results, especially considering how large this meet is.


Alex Escalara, one of our level 10 gymnasts, managed to balance the demanding schedule of a high-level gymnast with his first year as a high school student. He qualified to nationals as a Pommel Horse specialist and made us all proud at the competition.

Great job boys! Keep up the good work!